Councillor Amy McQuaid-England City of Oshawa and Region of Durham


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“I think it should be known that Amy is dedicated to meeting our children’s needs. An honest and down to earth Councillor who has her own life and beautiful daughter but continues to make all of us a priority.”Tabitha

“Amy’s commitment to the “town-gown” collaboration is exemplary. It pays to have some one who lives and went to school here to represent our community.”- Tess

“Amy is always there for the people of Oshawa! Online, in person and on the phone, she is ready to help with just about anything! I will gladly re-elect Amy in a heartbeat!” – Jen

“Amy has been a leader in this community for our LGBTQ residents and ensures equality for all. I am glad to vote for her any day! ” –Pam

“Amy has been a voice for those less fortunate here in Oshawa. I can rely on Amy for prompt action with any issues or concerns pertaining to my family and my community. Thank you Amy for all that you do.” –Wayne

“I support Amy as she has been the voice for so many of the residents in Oshawa.  She is an active member of the community and Oshawa is a better community with her leadership!  Thanks Amy for taking the time to bring awareness to so many issues in Durham Region.” – Shawna 

“Amy is not only a great representative of this city but someone we can always count on! Her determination and commitment to the improvement and future of the City of Oshawa is to be commended.  Strong morals and a sense of community gets my vote!” – Kelly

“I support Councillor England and her efforts in the City of Oshawa. Not just for myself, but more importantly, for the future of my children and other children within Durham Region & Oshawa” – Raymond