Councillor Amy McQuaid-England City of Oshawa and Region of Durham

No Hate Peaceful Rally

A group of community members have organized a No Hate Peaceful Rally in response to the troubling display of white supremacy we witnesses in Charlottesville Virginia earlier this month.

The rally is happening August 29 at 6:30 p.m. outside City Hall (50 Centre St. S Oshawa). It will give the community a chance to send a clear message to white supremacists who may feel emboldened by recent events: your hateful rhetoric isn’t welcome here.

“While what happened in Virginia is a horrifying public display of hatred and bigotry, it’s important to remember that we have problems with racism, white supremacy and xenophobia in our own community,” says Amy. “That’s why I encourage everyone to attend and use their voices to stand up to hate.”

Community organizers will also be launching the Grievance Box Project at the rally. This project gives everyone in Durham the power to anonymously share any grievances or problems they face in the community as a way to quantify problems to affect positive change in our community.

To RSVP to the No Hate Peaceful Rally on Facebook, to join the discussion or receive updates from organizers, click here.